Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11/13/12: This Week in Painting!

Hey guys!
Ugh, another week without a post! I was extremely busy last week, and everytime I wanted to pick up a brush, life and school got in the way! A paper or two, a couple dates, work, but fear not, I’ve got work to report on!
Just a quick walkthrough of what I’m hoping to accomplish here this week:
From left to right:
Festus the Dark Apostle. After finishing the first Festus model, I decided he’d make an excellent Dark Apostle model for a unit of Nurgle Cultists! I replaced his backpack with a toxic barrel, and with a little sculpting and cutting, fit the corpses from his backpack into it. The Nurgling is there too, ready to pack more foul objects into the vat!
The Tomb King for my slowing growing Tomb Kings army arrived! I’ve already got the base for him built, plan is to paint him and the chariot seperately, and just glue him in when its all finished! Should be a sweet model, I can’t wait!
We’re going to skip Abaddon for now, he’s a secondary project and, while it would be nice to get him done, its not necessary.
Darren MorcFadden: Quarterback, connoisseur of fine squigs, lady’s man, Star Player. Its about time I get some paint on this model, on my 1-7 Orcland Raiders Blood Bowl Team, this orc has 34 Star Player Points and a whole slew of skills! While the rest of the team was failing, he was racking up completions, and even has a casualty to his name! He’ll be playing against a Dark Elf team this week but, coupled with Squash, his Goblin receiver, I’m hoping for a couple of touchdowns! He’s got a 50k Gold bounty out for his head though, so I’ve gotta be careful!
And a little commission for a member of the local Pathfinder group, an old pewter elven ranger from Reaper. I usually work the day the group meets and, after a little chatting and showing off my stuff, one of the guys wanted his personal miniature for their campaign painted up. He should be a nice break from Games Workshop models and shouldn’t take more than a couple hours to get through!
Alrighty, next week I’ve got no classes, so I’m hoping to get a lot of painting done that week. My roommate and I are planning on rolling through Borderlands 2, but I should have plenty of time to get through my old backlog of projects and some podcasts I’ve been neglecting the last couple of weeks!


  1. Brilliant Festus as a Dark Apostle! Where is his shoulderpad from?

  2. Why thank you sir! The shoulder pad is just the Nurgle one out of the plastic Chaos Space Marines box. The hardest piece to find was the barrel for his back, had to raid a couple bits boxes to find one!