Thursday, October 11, 2012

10/11/12: WIP: Personal Projects from the Painting Desk

Hey guys!

Man, a week since my last post…that’s  not good…

Anyways, I’ve been caught up in some projects, trying to figure out the new Chaos codex, and a ton of crap for school, so I’ve been pretty busy. Regardless, after finishing Magilla’s Malifaux crew, I decided I could get a little work on some personal projects.

I’m of a stern believe that artists will produce better work for clients if they keep working on projects for themselves. So lets see what I’ve been up to!

Chosen #1

I modified the bolter into a Combi-Melta as its just how I prefer to run my Champions. I’m fairly happy with him, the picture doesn’t show the copious amounts of freehanding on him. Only 5 more to go!

Vehicle Case

This is why I LOVE KR Multicases. Not only is the foam system good, but when I get bored, I have something to doodle on! I’ll have to get shots of my other one at some point…

WIP Crew #1

Time for me to get another Arvus Lighter? These guys were a spur of the moment project I’d been wanting to do for a while. The legs are Scout legs from the Land Speeder Storm, cut and modified. The torso is the old IG Vehicle Crew body, as is the head. The arms are Scout Shotgun arms, obviously, and the backpack is a modified Vox-Caster. I don’t know if they’ll ever hit the table as anything, but a Zone Mortalis board with these guys kicking around would be pretty epic!

Chapel Completed

And I finally got some bases done for the terrain down at work. Its just a piece of MDF board that I took to a belt sander to get that nice, beveled edge on. After that, its just sanded and flocked. The mushroom is actually a dresser drawer doorknob from Home Depot; I think they’re like $.85 a pop or something cheap like that. Could make some rediculous terrain sets of giant mushrooms!


And lastly, a project for school. I took the spraypaint cans, cut the top, and drilled down the center of it. There’s a piece of threaded rod running through the can, and the lid screws on and off. They’re paintbrush holders! The labels were made on Adobe Illustrator and printed on sticker paper to contour to the shape of the can better. I don’t know if these will ever be used, but the project was pretty fun!

Whew! Alrighty! I’m working every day this week, so it’ll be another slow posting week. However, hoping to get most of the Imperial Strongpoint done this weekend, I really need to get that done!


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