Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5/15/12: Painting: Current Projects and Granesh’s Display Shelf!

Hey guys,

Oops, another week since a new post…that’s not good. I’ve been focusing on the Facebook page and not the main blog! Oh noes!

Anyways, figured I’d finally take some pictures of my Display Shelf, as well as what’s on my painting desk right now.


I’ve got 3 Bikers, a Land Speeder Storm, 2 Command Squad members, and the 25th Anniversary model to finish. Shouldn’t be too long now!


I’ve got some of Mags’ Green Knights assembled, and while I can’t wait to get him done, I’ve got some other commissions just ahead of his.


Here’s the Display shelf. You can see some of my IG tanks on the top, then my Tau Empire, the Imperial Fists and Mag’s Green Knights, then my Alpha Legion CSM army.


I need to play the Tau a little more. I’m actually hoping to sell the army off here in the next couple of months (how many times have I said that?), but they might have to hit the table one final time.

The remenants of the Necrons that my friend just handed me because he got bored of them. Thinking I may get them done at work over the next week or so and get them sold off too. As much fun as Necrons would be, I’m just not feeling the army right now. 


The Imperial Fists as they sit now. Really stunning army to see all together, and while I’m not super happy with the consistency of the yellow so far, its really coming together nicely.


More of Mag’s Green Knights, as I said, I can’t wait to get them done…assuming GW’s crappy glue actually works this time…


And my current pride and joy, my Chaos Marines. I need to finish a lot of models for this army, like most of the Berserker Squad, one full Alpha Legion squad, most of the Daemons, and a Land Raider. Lots of fun projects so far for this army, like Abaddon, or the little guys I was making for the Servants of Slaughter list!


I’ve also been eyeballing that Ork Stompa I picked up about a month ago and am trying to decide if I should just jump into the project and get him done, or if I should hold off for later in the summer to work on him. He’ll have a great turnaround time and price point, so it might be worth it to spend a week and have some fun on a really silly model. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Also, this Sunday is both our local 40k tournament and the first meeting for our new local gaming group, Durango Diceworks. We’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned for this summer, from gaming for charity, to campaigns, games, and painting projects. Expect updates regarding the gaming group this summer too!

Should be fun!


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