Friday, May 25, 2012

5/25/12: Gaming: Tournament Results; Looks Like I’m Starting Warhammer Fantasy!

Hey guys,

So I forgot to share with you all the results of last week’s tournament! Well…I ended up going 0-3. Yep, lost to Tyranids, GK, and Eldar.


That’s yours truly there on the left, right before the Vindicator, Rhinos, and Bikers got annihilated.
The Tyranids game was a hard fought battle, but in the end the Trygon Prime that came in on turn 4 and the outflanking Genestealers won him the game.

The Grey Knights game was against my buddy who’s just starting the hobby, so I went easy on him…probably too easy, as his Draigowing ate my face while the Techmarine with Orbital Strike Relay in the back annihilated any campers. Plus I couldn’t bring down the Storm Raven to save my life.

Lastly, thanks to a tactical error on my part (and my Daemon Prince’s ability to roll a 3 on 2d6 and fail THREE TIMES to penetrate a Wave Serpent, a game that should have been a tie turned into a loss on my part. All you Eldar players though, NEVER throw Yriel against a Daemon Prince, it just doesn’t end well for the elf…

Anyways, while all three games were a blast, I’m feeling burnt out on my Chaos Marines. The list I have done requires me to work the mid-field; I have no guns in the list over 24”. I’ve thought about Obliterators, but I’d rather just wait for GW to do them in plastic. I’ve looked at Predators, but they’re expensive, as are Havocs. Plus, even while operating the mid-field, most armies just do it better than Chaos Marines. Even running max Plasma Pistols in my Berserkers, most armies just shrug it off.

So, for now, I’m gonna finish painting up my army, maybe play the odd game or two with them, but for the most part, just run the 40k events for our gaming group, Durango Diceworksand focus on the non-gaming aspect of 40k. I have been looking at Daemons though lately for a 40k army, so we’ll see if that ever comes to fruition, or I’m just feeling masochistic…


I have, however, been dragged into the more medieval side of the hobby! We have a pretty good sized Fantasy group here, spearheaded by my buddy RTGamer over at Lost in Gaming, so I figured it’s about time to jump in myself! He’s going to be running an escalation campaign set in the 2001 Dark Shadows book with Albion.

What army am I looking at though? Of course, it’s gotta be…



I’ve painted up some of their models before back when I was younger, but I figured it was about time to do a proper army of them though. I’m gonna stray a little from the norm, though, and go for a very Chariot-heavy army.

Chariots were a staple in Egyptian New Kingdom warfare after they drove out the Hyskos, so a Tomb Kings army in chariots will keep both the historical feel and an epic Fantasy feel as a Tomb King comes screaming into a unit accompanied by his loyal subjects. I’ll post pictures and lists as I get deeper into it, but I’ve already got the first box of Chariots on their way, so its on!

Alrighty, before I end this, after finishing the Fists, I decided to take a little break and get Nemesor Zandrekh and Vargard Obyron done. RTGamer and I both picked them up as part of our continuing painting marathon
we’re doing, I just happen to be a little faster at the draw!

Anyways, still WIP, but he’s almost done, save the Warscythe.


Both Zandrekh and Obyron will be up for sale in about a week, so if you’re looking to add these models to your Necron force, drop me a line and we’ll get something worked out!

Alrighty, back to painting!


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