Monday, March 26, 2012

3/26/12: For Sale: AoBR Ork Warboss and Iron Warriors Chaos Marines Rhino

Hey guys!

So while I’ve been working through projects and getting ready to move, I’ve been looking at my display shelf, deciding what models I really want to keep and which ones I want to sell. I’m sure I’ll come across some more, but these are the first two pieces I don’t really need anymore!

1) Painted Assault on Black Reach Ork Warboss

I did this guy over the summer while waiting for some other projects to work on. Fairly generic Evil Sunz scheme, he’ll look great with any respectable Ork army!


2) Refurbished and Painted Iron Warriors Rhino

I know I’ve put pictures up of this guy before! Saved from the hands of an amateur hobbyist, this project required a lot of sanding and replacing pieces. The doors were replaced, as were the top hatch, cupola, and lights. The top piece was sanded to get rid of most of the excess glue, and the whole model was given a tabletop paintjob. This was before I knew what direction to take my CSM, so I’d rather have a new kit or something else to replace it!


Alrighty! Hoping to get those Terminators done this evening, as well as most of that Defiler. I really need to just finish this commission…


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  1. Yeah you do! As much as I love my nids and salamanders both the hive mind and the emperor whisper to me that they need a break lol