Monday, February 20, 2012

2/20/12: Look what’s on the table at Smells Like Wargaming…

Hey guys,

So the painting class went over well, a big thanks to Steve at Durango Game Space for letting Ryan and myself put this together! Hope I didn’t give too much away…

Anyways, been a slow time on the painting front. Got the Tzeentchian Rhino done for the Orange Crush army, as well as got started on the Defiler…soooo many legs….ugh..


Next up there is the Land Raider and the Slaaneshi Rhino. Should be bright!
Starting to prime pieces for the Imperial Fists coming up too! Still have stuff to build, but I want to finish the Orange Crush before I start on them.


Also, figured I’d share last night’s crazy weather with all of you who don’t live in Colorado…


Nearly white-out conditions 5 minutes later, and 10 minutes later, it wasn’t even snowing. Hooray for this crazy state….


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