Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1/3/12: Painting: Mag’s Green Knights; WIP: Plastic Fantastic Abaddon

Hey guys,

So I’ve been on a painting and modeling roll right now. I actually just set up a Netflix account (New Years Resolution), so I’ve been rocking out Magilla’s stuff while watching Pawn Stars (love that show!)
Anyways, all of Magilla’s Warrior Acolytes are finished, as well as the Rhinos (razorback part done tomorrow!). Also finished the 6 Servo-Skulls for the list!


All vehicles are numbered 1-5, and have individual names and icons that make them stand out. First shot shows “Venvs”, “Plvto”, and “Mercvry”, while the second shot has “Jvpiter”, “Satvrn”, and Chimera “Lvna”.



Fly my pretties, FLY!!!


Coteaz’ Acolytes rush up to deal with a troublesome target. I’d throw some Alpha Legion in for some fun shots, but they’re all unbased, waiting for some sexy resin bases from Dragon Forge to come in!

However, I’m not shirking my Chaos army. I managed to grab the boxes waiting in my mail today, which included my Abaddon model. After a quick run to the hobby shop to drop off some those Sisters of Battle and this guy:


I got right to work on Abaddon. He went from this:


to this:


in half an hour! The topknot’s been removed and replaced with an Ork one that’s flowing the right direction with the cape. Drach’nyen was an easy attachment, just requiring me to file down the nub that’d let him glue into the Finecast piece. The Talon required a little more work, and I had to cut a Storm Bolter Chaos Terminator arm at above the elbow to get everything to work.

This was an amazingly easy conversion, and I’m debating whether or not to sit down, like DiGriz and I did with Ciaphas Cain, to play with some updated rules, just for fun.

I do have Abaddon’s old Finecast body lying around, which I’m thinking will turn into the first Terminator Lord for the Lords of the Black Crusade, but the thing’s so small, it’d be a pretty silly looking Lord. Should I do it? I may make him sculpting practice and try to do the Nurgle one…hmm…decisions….

Next up, Razorback additions, the Land Raider, and Dreadnoughts!!



  1. Looking good.
    I can't wait to get my hands on these beauties!

  2. Glad you like them Mags! I'm actually having problems with the Dreadnought arms...apparently, the magnets in the arms aren't powerful enough to keep them pointed in any direction but down...I'll keep ya posted.