Saturday, December 31, 2011

12/31/11: For Sale Again: Magnetized and Converted Finecast Necron Overlord with Ever-Living Token

Hey guys,

Two posts in a day? Granesh is getting ambitious! Not really, I just figured I’d put up a link again to my latest eBay Auction.

I just don’t have time to do an entire army of these guys and sell them, so I figure that this guy would be an excellent Centerpiece model for all you budding Necron Players out there!


Again, the highlights of this model are:
  • Professionally painted by Smells Like Wargaming! Marbling effect on his shoulder pauldrons and torso, and OSL from his eyes and the Warscythe!
  • Left hand is magnetized between his plain hand and a Resurrection Orb, allowing for strict WYSIWYG!
  • Warscythe has been tucked towards his body, allowing for easier transportation. He also now fits in a Command Barge!
  • Ever-Living Token means you don’t have to tip him over when he dies: just take him off and pop it down!
  • Generic basing means he’ll look good in any type of army!





He’s presently listed HERE for $50 and a buy it Now at $70. I’d love to see him go to a home that would appreciate a model like this! If you’re still interested in this piece after the auction closes too, please email me at SmellsLikeWargaming at hotmail dot com, and we can work something out *coughMonsterRaincough*!



  1. Ah, yes. I got an Overlord for Christmas so I'm afraid I don't need one anymore. :*(.

    That said, I will spread this around and try to find a buyer. What's the idea for those Canoptek Wraiths, though? I'm interested in that!

  2. Its all good man! As for the wraiths, if I don't put something up on here tomorrow, I'll throw something up on Facebook!