Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1/25/12: Painting: Alpha Legion Resin Bases and Touchups

Hey guys,

Just a quick post today. Figured I’d share the last day of work; I decided to work on a personal project, just to get me pumped up for the next group of commissions!

I’ve been rocking with my new resin bases from Dragon Forge Design, and they’re turning out great. You can see in the picture with the Champion the brass aquilla on the base, which really helps give it an Imperial feel, which is perfect!

So the Alpha Legion squad went from this:

To this:


Much happier with the new guys, the bases really compliment the darker tone of the Alpha Legionnaires.


I’ve also been retouching up guys as I go. The Alpha Legionnaires aren’t my best work, so its easy to go back in and touch up some boltgun areas. I actually had to replace a bolter on one guy (just didn’t like the mod I’d done), and I also redid their Power Swords to mimic the job I did on, say, the Dreadknight, or Inquisitor Karazmov.


The first biker is the same way:



And lastly, the Chaos Sorcerer on his new base.


A group shot of the rebased Alpha Legion group so far. Still need to do 3 more bikers, but that’ll be easy.


Alright, about to get to work on some Biel-Tan Eldar! Also have a secret project that’s coming in this week that I’ll be do gradually over the next couple of months. Lets just say a Dirge Caster can actually be scary!


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