Thursday, November 3, 2011

Initial Thoughts: New Necron Codex: Mostly Fluff, Little Rules, and a Unit List!


Hey guys,

So if you didn’t see my previous post, GW delivered my Necron Codex today via FedEx. Yes, that’s right, GW got my book to me 2 days before release! And I must say, it’s a much welcome change from the last edition.

I’ve been busy with class and projects today, but I’ve found a little time to dig through the book and read some stuff. The fluff on the War in Heaven between The Old Ones, the Eldar, the Necrontyr/Necrons, and the C’Tan is very cool, though the ability to destroy the C’Tan feels like it comes out of left field for the Necrons.

The Necron fluff still fits the old shambling undead horde feel, don’t you worry. The best part is that the pact of Blood Angels and Necrons vs Tyranids makes sense. The Lords aren’t mindless, blank killers; rather, the subservient Warriors and Immortals are. They’re the ones who could just become Necrons. Sure they’re immortal now, but their bodies and systems aren’t as nice as the lords. The Lords are cunning, planning creatures who can make pacts, plan invasions, and destroy themselves as easy as their enemies.



While he’s called the ‘Archeovist of the Solemnace Galleries’, I’ll call him the Necron Curator. He’s a museum curator! He goes around and collects…well…everything. The guy actually goes out and records history by…well…taking it! He has the head of Sabastian Thor, as well as Guardsmen from the Mecharian Crusade. I love it!


For the price of Pedro Kantor, you get a decent S5 Character with 3 Attacks who can essentially clean out a mob of Boyz, then turn the Nob with Klaw back on his own Boyz. He also grants his unit Relentless, claims objectives, and can respawn back into certain units if he dies. If I EVER do Necrons, only a Reclaiming force for Trazyn will do.

Oh and, just for those of you interested…

List of Units


  • Imotekh the Stormlord
  • Nemesor Zahndrekh and Vargard Obyron
  • Illuminor Szeras
  • Orikan the Diviner
  • Anrakyr the Traveller
  • Trazyn the Infinite
  • Necron Overlord
  • Destroyer Lord

Royal Court: Lords and Crypteks


  • Necron Warriors
  • Necron Immortals

Dedicated Transports

  • Catacomb Command Barge
  • Ghost Ark
  • Night Scythe


  • Deathmarks
  • Lychguards
  • Triarch Praetorians
  • C’Tan Shard
  • Flayed One Pack
  • Triarch Stalker

Fast Attack

  • Canoptek Wraiths
  • Canoptek Scarabs
  • Tomb Blades (JETBIKES!!)
  • Necron Destroyers

Heavy Support

  • Doomsday Ark
  • Annihilation Barge
  • Necron Monolith (Cheaper than a Land Raider!!!)
  • Doom Scythe
  • Canoptek Spyder

Enjoy guys! Any plans for Necron armies out there? Sound off in the comments! Now, back to some schoolwork…damn 10 Page papers…



  1. If only I had the money, but im sure ill see a wave of necron armies coming through to test the hive mind!

  2. Oh I hear ya man! I'm reluctantly going to keep at my growing Alpha Legion army before thinking about the ' book next *crosses fingers*

  3. Nvm, canoptek spyder. Got it xD