Friday, November 4, 2011

Finished: Khador Winter Guard

Hey guys!

So we’re at the great breath before the plunge regarding the Necrons. I can’t wait to see some of the new models in person, and hopefully paint some up too! However, I do have some projects ahead of any Necron plans…

Anyways, I sat down and rallied out the Khador Winter Guard I had sitting on my desk for a commission. The client wanted Dragon Forge Resin Bases, which really worked nicely. The interesting thing is the color, though, which, rather than a Crimson red, is a bright blue color.




Really happy with the faces, they’re simple, yet break up the colors on the models.


A little stubble for good measure!




While these models are a little older in Privateer Press’ range, they still have a lot of character and look great all together. I just got the matte varnish on them, and they’re all sealed up and ready to go exterminate some Cryxian scum!

Hopefully, you’ll be seeing some more Khador cross my desk soon! Next up, Blood Angels for Snake Eyes over at Table Top War. I’m also in talks to paint Game Space’s copy of Dreadfleet, so expect some sweet Piratical pictures soon!


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