Monday, October 10, 2011

Painting: Alpha Legion Scouts & Servo-Skull; Paint Date Anyone?

Hey guys,

So it was a fairly casual weekend on the hobby front. For some reason, the SLW Marines I was working on a while ago are starting to look fun again, so you may begin to see the occasional Red marine show up in the future! For those of you following me on Facebook, you’d have seen that I had the weird urge to paint something goofy. So I stuck an IG Command Squad Servo-Skull to a base and went to work.


I may better fill the gap between the two bases, but seeing the model, I’m not too concerned. The basing does match the SLW Marines, in case I decide that’d be fun to play at some point.


I also sat down with the girlfriend on Saturday and got a Paint Date in! Must say, love dating another art major, we’re always doodling and drawing and painting and everything else, its great! Anyways, I managed to sit down and finish the 3rd and final Alpha Legion Scout I had lying around!



I think I have 1 more floating around in a bitz box somewhere, so #4 will pop up at some point.

My girl, on the other hand, was rocking the traditional canvas. Must say, I’m loving this piece!


Finally, I’ve been playing around with 40k Apocalypse models lately, mainly just a minor idea for Chaos to match the Brass Scorpion or the Blight Drones. How about a Dragonfly of Slaanesh?


If the sketch goes anywhere, I’ll scan it in and redo it a bit, but we’re looking at a prehensile tail with a Doom Siren mounted on the back. Its definitely missing something though…any ideas guys?

Alrighty, my next commission should be sitting in the post office, so I’ll be picking that up and starting work on it today. Three Land Raiders ftw!!


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