Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Painting: What To Work on Next?

Hey Guys,

So around homework and a couple of commissions, I’ve been trying to motivate myself to keep working on my Chaos Marines. I have a couple of projects sitting on my desk, and with more stuff coming, I might as well get some stuff rocked out before I add more to my plate. Anyways, I’ve decided I’ll let my readers decide what I should finally get done.

1) Alpha Legion/Khornate Bikers


I’ve got 4 of 6 done so far. 1 Still needs to be assembled, and I need to get 2 bases finished up, but should be a quick project. To sum it up, it’ll be

  • Assembly, basing, and painting 1 Khorne Biker with Plasma Gun.
  • Painting 1 Chaos Biker with Icon of Chaos Glory.

2) Khornate Daemon Prince


He’s been hanging out, half-assembled, since July. The big thing with this model is that I’ve been wanting to do some extensive converting work on him. I want to resculpt the arms, and give him a large, 2 handed Chainglaive, Angron style. I also have to order some FW stuff for a commission soon, so I may pick up some brass etching to add some extra icons and material to this model, as he’s kinda plain right now.

  • Assembly, converting, sculpting, and painting 1 Daemon Prince with Wings.

3) Slaaneshi Terminators


I’ve been getting a lot of good comments back on the Princes of Ecstasy Terminators I’ve been working on lately, but I just can’t seem to find the drive to get them finished. I am running out of Tentacle Pink, which really sucks too. These guys are a blast to work on, and I’m really happy with how they turn out, so I really should get them done!

  • Painting 2 Slaanesh Terminators and 1 additional arm (Reaper Autocannon).

4) Imperial Fists Captain Kitbash

logo Imperial Fists

Totally didn’t upload that picture to my computer yet…Anyways, maybe I should just stop the CSM for just a little longer and work on that Imperial Fists captain. He won’t be a gaming piece for quite some time, but he’d be a fun, goofy model to work on for a bit. Need a good Captain name for a Fist, any ideas?

  • Basing and Painting 1 Imperial Fists (Vanilla SM) Captain

Alrighty guys, I’m leaving it up to you all! There’s a poll on the right side of the page, so why not vote and see a project get finished!



  1. Slaanesh Termies! I must live vicariously through you!

  2. bikers. or daemon but you are right about the etchings adding to the whole im gonna f#@% yer day vibe, so in the meantime no slacking, biker time!

  3. @Lantz: Rofl works for me! I just need to figure out if I have enough Tentacle Pink to finish them!
    @diGriz: The etching will definitely make him stand out, as well as the incoming Berserkers. I should get the bikers done.....grrr...