Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Painting: Slaanesh Terminator; Whats New With Smells Like Wargaming

Hey guys,

Sorry for the slow weekend of hobbying. My father just celebrated his 50th Birthday, so any time devoted to 40k went to spending time with him and my family that came down for the weekend. Monday also saw me drive three hours to see my girlfriend’s family, so I’ve been busy the last 72 hours!

Anyways, after finishing three commissions that week, I decided to take the weekend to work on a goofy project. I had a box of Chaos Terminators come in on friday, so I lounged around with the gf, watching movies and putting them together. I also got a chance to see Cowboys VS Aliens with her and Jimmy deGriz; not as bad as you’d think, honestly. I did a simple arm conversion on the Champion, and started painting!

I really hate the Combi-Melta pose in the box, its pointing in at a weird angle.


Cut the arm mount off, and glued it to the model.


The rest of the arm was then glued on with no problems. The shoulderpad covers anything else up.


And he goes from that to…



Brightest model I’ve done in a while. Painting pink is an interesting endeavour, though working with Purple is a nice change from my regular colors. I don’t expect to get these finished until I get to Durango, so expect them to show up again!


Speaking of Durango, its getting to be that time of year again. School’s nice because I seem to get more time to focus on Smells Like Wargaming and the hobby as a whole.

Durango Snow

First up, I will be doing commissions through the school year. My plans are to find a secondary job when I’m down there to save some money, but the hobby is my time to relax, and I do that best through my commissions!

Next up, my goal is to finish my current commissions before I head back to school. I’m currently working on Blood Angels, which I think I’ve figured out the right color red for, and the next group of Space Wolves. I must say, those Mr. Dandy Wolves are freaking sweet!


Its bigger than a Dreadnought….That’s right, a friggin’ Dreadnought.

Finally, I’d like to get back into the habit of rolling out some tutorials. I stopped them on some bad advice from a friend, so I’d like to get back into doing some fun projects and showing you all how to do it. My first planned ones are Infantry and Vehicle Combi-Meltas, so stay tuned for that.

This is going to be a busy two weeks. I’m hoping to start basing and priming the Blood Angels Tactical Marines tomorrow, so expect some pictures of them soon!



  1. Nice site you have, very informative with tutorials etc. Came across you on the Faeit blog exchange.

    will add you to mine and vice verse if you are interested?

  2. Thanks Vitor, love the Mephiston conversion on your blog! Consider your blog added!