Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Painting: Blood Angels and Slaaneshi Terminators

Hey guys,

So a quick update today. I sat down last night and got some work done on the Blood Angels Commission last night, and while I was getting pictures of them, I figured I’d get a better picture of my Chaos Terminator Champion.

I’m much happier with this red, I’ll be redoing the Lightning Claw one in this tone.


I’m also working on Sergeant Helios (name s

ounds fitting). I did a little marbling effect on the Storm Shield, makes him look a little more heroic.


Finally, more shots of the Slaaneshi Champion. I think I got more work done on him since the last pictures…maybe…hmmmm…



The Khorne Berserker head really worked well for this model.

Alrighty guys, my plan is to finish the Blood Angels Terminators up tonight, as well as get started on the Tactical Squad. Plan is to get them finished by Sunday, hope I can make it!



  1. Do you spray the whole model with the base colour? it has such a clean look?

  2. Nope, all my painting is done by hand with a brush, including Basecoats. Its all about control and judging how much paint is on the brush.