Monday, August 1, 2011

Painting: Finecast Calgar and Honor Guard, Part Un

Hey guys,

So I got a couple commissions in today. I’ve got some Grey Knights and Inquisition, on top of Blood Angels, and some Tau. However, I’m still working on the contest prize for the Independent Characters, and I must say, Finecast is beautiful!


Here’s the kit. Various Sprues, spread strangly about. Calgar’s head was with one of the Honor Guard, and his legs were with another…and so on.


The only blemishes on the kits were the underside of the backpack mount, and because of the backpacks, they required no Greenstuff.


Beautiful models.


A little warping on the Champion’s sword was easily fixed with a hairdryer.


I’ve seen flashing, but this is ridiculous!


The Gang, all assembled and ready to go!

I’ve got them primed and based right now, and am planning on starting the Honor Guard tomorrow!


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  1. The flash can be annoying, but it goes away so easily it doesn't matter. Love to see these guys when they are finished!