Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Painting: Alpha Legion Scouts, Princes of Ecstasy Terminators

Hey guys,

WHEW! So I’ve got one more class to go to, and I’ll have gone to all my classes already. Must say, I still hate 8 AM classes, though it keeps me busy and productive till about 6, when you fall asleep playing Fallout: New Vegas…I’ve said too much…

Anyways, I’ve had time to work on my own project for a bit. I do have to start the Tiger Shark, which will happen on Friday.

First up are my Alpha Legion Scouts. I’d picked them up to add to the old SLW Marines, but I figure they’ll work and look better as Alpha Legion. I’d like to make this army a mix of Chaos and Loyalist, so they’ll make an appearance at some point. Maybe the new book will add Scouts…hmmm….


I went for a really pale skintone, coupled with running blood from the corners of their mouth to make them more menacing.


I’ve got 1 more to do, and I think I’ve got a 4th lying around somewhere…

Also done is the 2nd Prince of Ecstasy Terminator. Really having fun with these pieces, though I don’t like the tusks….


You guys like the Power Weapons? I’m not sure if I’m happy with them yet…

And here comes #3!


Hoping to finish #3 in the next day or two, I work slow on my personal pieces.

Alrighty, a little homework, a little lounging, some more class, then more painting!



  1. Very cool alpha legion!! like the free hand on the power fist!

  2. Thanks! The army has been a test of freehanding for me so far, so you can expect more!