Monday, August 29, 2011

Life: Back to School!

Hey guys,

So its been a couple of slow days on the blog, but I’m finally back to Durango for my Junior year of classes!

First off, my new car really hates steep inclines. 3 Overheats coming up Red Mountain means I’ll probably be taking a different route next time, even if it is a little longer.

Secondly, I’m on the third floor this time, so no more clod-hopping fools on the next floor up. Though my view went from this:

Durango Snow



Yep…that’s a dumpster. I do have the man-cave set up though:


Still in progress, but its on its way!

I’m hoping to get some personal projects done, while working on the Tiger Shark in the next couple of weeks. I still have a little settling in to do, but I should be situated and settled in in the next couple of days. Expect more painting updates and hobby tutorials than ever before!

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  1. Well, the new view, um, sucks!
    Good luck on year three!

  2. Thanks guys, I've got my real art classes tomorrow, so I'm actually excited to get up at the crack of dawn!