Thursday, July 7, 2011

Painting: The Wolftime Cometh; Granesh Gets His Comeuppance…

Hey guys,

Quick update before I have to go to my other job. The Space Wolves Commission I mentioned the other day arrived today, and I quickly got to work on the Long Fangs. The pictures don’t do these justice, I’m rather happy with them right now.



The Client wants an entirely snow base, meaning that I’ll sit down at the end and get them all finished. These are a blast so far, a lot of little details, though the hair is a little strange…

Also, I got an 1000 point game in with my good buddy, Jimmy deGriz, and his new Guard. He wanted to try out his new baby, the Leman Russ Executioner. Now, us guard players should know how mean that tank can be, but I truly learned last night just how much it can be.

I ran my modified AoBR list, as:

  • Captain with Power Sword/Bolter.
  • Dreadnought with TL Lascannon
  • 6 Man Tactical Terminator Squad with Assault Cannon and 2 Chainfists.
  • X2 Tactical Squads with Fist, Missile Launcher, and Flamer, in Rhinos with Dozer Blades.

We wrote him up a quick list, mostly WYSIWYG. Lots of Plasma, some mean Russes, Autocannons, the whole nine yards. Now, as a Guard player, I understand how the Order System works. I walked him through it, and he destroyed my Dread with Autocannons turn one. His other Autocannons Immobilized a Rhino, and his Executioner wiped out a Combat Squad. DSCF1165

Pair that with my Tac Termies Mishapping and rolling a 2, I pretty much fell on my face that game. At least 7 to 2 on Kill Points, though it was a really fun game.

Alrighty guys, most pictures up tomorrow. My hometown is right in the cusp of our busiest season (damn tourists…), so hobbying might be a little slow, but fear not! Pictures will continue as planned!

For the Wolftime!


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