Friday, June 17, 2011

Painting: GK Redeemer and Salamanders Vindicator; Weapon Swaps and Skull Champs

Hey guys,

So with some final touches, the Redeemer and the Vindicator are finished! I had a blast painting these, especially the GK FW doors, as well as the green on the Vindicator. I had thought about doing a Salamanders army at one point, so it was nice to be able to try a color I don’t usually get to do!


The red really breaks up the white and syncs the entire model.


The smoke stains are done by lightly drybrushing black around the vents.


And with the reference model the client sent me. Excellent match!


And together, fighting the forces of Chaos with Flamer and Psycannon


I’ll get a better picture at some point.

Finally, the last part of the commission is a GK Halberd arm and Terminator Librarian that the client wanted weapon swaps on.



The Halberd fits nicely with the Terminator Librarian arm. The other arm requires a little bit of plasticard and Green Stuff to get to match nicely. It’ll look better and more precise with some paint, which I should get done tomorrow night!

Finally, I’ve gotten the Green Stuff work done on my Skull Champion.


The torso and backpack are from Possessed, the legs are a modified pair of Khorne Berserker legs, the head is a Tactical Squad Sgt head, and the Powerfist comes from the Dark Angels with the sword symbol hacked off.

I’ll be getting the final Green Stuff work done on the Librarian staff, then I’ll have all the paint done, and probably have the Skull Champion started! My bikes should be in on Monday, so I’ll be getting work done on them on Tuesday. I’m planning on an Alpha Legion scheme to tie into the rest of the army, keep a Khorne feel, and go with the fluff I want to convey with the army. I may post some fluff at some point as I come up with it!

Enjoy guys!


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