Monday, June 13, 2011

Finished: Eagle Warrior Scout and Tau Broadside

Hey guys,

Whew…long day at work….I’m about to go and get some painting done with Yotakka and Jimmy deGriz, but before I take off, I figured I’d share my latest projects!

First off is an additional Sniper Scout for Snake Eyes’ Eagle Warrior Commission I finished a while ago. The arms are from the Scout Biker kit, which really adds variety and difference to the standard poses.


Also finished….well almost finished, is the Broadside for my Tau Empire army that will be up for sale soon. All that’s left is the Snow flock for him, and 3 Kroot for the rest of the army.


The two huge Broadside Railguns just didn’t look right, so a Target Lock and Shield Generator make the model look like a 2+ Twin Linked beast, while the Missile Pod makes up for the Missile System that I didn’t get with the model.

Alrighty guys, I’ll have some pictures up of Yotakka’s Orks, as well as some of Jimmy’s Guardsmen, tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll find something to paint of my own!


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