Sunday, May 22, 2011

Modelling: Tervigons; Granesh Finally Plays a Game!

Hey guys,

So a couple of things today. First off, I’ve got one more Tervigon to sculpt and I’m finished with the commission!



That bottom picture makes the Tervigon look HUGE! I’m currently letting the super glue dry on the eggs to start sculpting the last one, so I should have a picture up late tonight!

Last night was my first 40k game in a long long time. It was a 1k Pitched Battle Killpoints mission, and I knew I was screwed pretty quickly, but the game was a blast! I actually played the old Daemonhunters book, while my friend ran Orks. My list was:



  • Inquisitor Lord with Word of the Emperor, Icon of the Just, Terminator Armor, lighting Claw, Storm Shield, and an Auspex.

Retinue of 3 Mystics, 1 Sage, 1 Familiar, 2 Vet Guard Warriors with Melta, and 1 Gun Servitor Warrior with a Multi-Melta.


  • Culexus Assassin
  • Inquisitor with Word of the Emperor, Power Armor, Auspex, and a Psycannon.

Retinue of 3 Mystics and a Sage.


  • 10 Man Inquisitorial Stormtroopers Squad with Vet Sergeant and two Meltaguns in a Rhino with Extra Armor (X2)
  • 10 Man Inquisitorial Stormtroopers Squad with Vet Sergeant, one meltagun, and one flamer.

    The biggest point of this list was to have fun. I really love the idea of Inquisitors and their retinues and really want to model a group up for my Guard during Apoc games. The trick to the list was the Culexus Assassin hangs out near the two Inquisitor Squads and their Mystics, getting a max of 10 S5 AP1 shots every turn.

    My biggest problem was that I didn’t have any long range anti tank weapons. Brother Yotakka was running a mostly Mech-Ork list, and if I could have stopped his vehicles, I would have clogged up moving lanes and would have had time to shoot up the boyz. My hero was, of course, the Inquisitor Lord, who managed to pass 10 2+ saves and 6 4++ saves before dying to a Power Klaw.

    And some pictures of the game.


    ‘Ere comes da boyz and dere Big Mek!


    The Inquisitor Lord and his Retinue watch as a Rokkit destroys an Immobilized Rhino and kills a chunk of Storm Troopers.


    “Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap….”


    And finally, a shot of my new vehicle. While I’m glad I finally have a new car, my hobby resources are pretty much drained, hence why the Arvus and a couple other pieces are going up for sale.

    Anyways, I’m supposed to get some more games in tonight. I may get pictures of my other favorite miniatures game, so keep an eye open for some cool updates!



    1. Really impressive. Do you have any tutorials or thoughts on a custom Librarian with a closed helm (Blood Raven Themed).

      While I'm at it do you have any suggestion for getting Blood Raven Armor colors right?

      "The Initiate" -

    2. Hmmmm....lemme think on it a bit and I'll get back to you on both :)