Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thoughts: Plastic Inquisitorial Henchmen, Part Trois

Hey guys,

As I sit here in my Art History class, staring at crappy Surrealist art (snobby elitist bullcrap), I figured I’d get the final installment of my Plastic Henchmen out. This time, I’ll be covering the Jokaero Weaponsmith, Mystics, Psykers, and the Warrior Acolyte. This’ll be easy.

Jokaero Weaponsmith

Current Model: Who doesn’t know the Space Orangutan?! Anyways, there’s a couple of routes you could go that would make at least partial sense. First up, is the Kroot.


A little sculpting, some IG and SM bitz for technology (none of this Tau crap), and it’ll work great! Keep everything alien! My other idea would be to use a Blood Axe Big Mek. They sell out their aid to humans and other races, so why wouldn’t they possibly be in an enterprising Inquisitor’s retinue?



Current Models:


Meh. Not bad models, though everytime I tried to pick them up for my Guard, they’re always really backordered. I think the best route, again, is the Empire Flagellants. Use the blindfolded heads for the Mystics to give them an Astropathy look, and there’s plenty of arms and heads to give a religious Psyker look.

Warrior Acolytes

Current Model:


Wha? I use that model as my Ministorum Priest, but I don’t know about an Acolyte. The current unit is armed with Flak armor, a Chainsword, and a Laspistol….hmm…what’s that sound like….


AHHHH! Cadian Sergeants! If you read their statlines and wargear, they match these perfectly.

“But Granesh, isn’t this all plastic?”

You bet your sweet bippy! (Damn Simpsons…) Anyways, the Cadian or Catachan Command boxes will work PERFECTLY for these. You get special weapons, standard upgrades, Powerfists, respirators, power weapons, grenades, everything you need to make your Acolytes. Plus some extra bitz for your bitz box, or possibly to sell to get your next group of henchmen! Its up to you.

Alrighty guys, I hope this series has helped you all out on your path to Inquisitor-hood. I’m back to looking at crappy art…tell me, how is this art?


Barnett Newman, Onement I, 1948.




  1. Even crappy art I don't understand is art... or so they tell me.

    Good ideas on some plastic henchmen!

  2. "Surrealist" art my big toe. That art form was just made up so that talentless artists could make money pumping out any terrible, ridiculous, and/or amateurish piece they can think of.