Monday, April 11, 2011

Thoughts: Plastic Inquisitorial Henchmen, Part Deux

Hey guys,

So here’s the next part of the Plastic Inquisitorial Henchmen series! Last time, I covered the Arco-Flagellants, Banishers, and Crusaders. Next up, we’ve got the Daemonhosts, the Death Cult Assassin, and the Inquisitorial Servitors!


Current model:


Man, what a crappy model…its just weird. It’s a daemon in a mortal man, so I like the idea of either:

A) Using one of the Plastic Daemons boxes, like Bloodletters or Horrors, but chaining them down using chains from the CSM Vehicle Upgrade sprue, or,

B) Using a box of humanoid models, like Imperial Guard or Empire Free Company, and combining a Zombie Box with them. The thin hands coupled with the bulky IG parts will definitely give a possessed, eerie look.

Death Cult Assassin:

Current Model:


Everyone’s favorite henchmen. 15 I6 Power Weapons is just mean…like really mean. So why not go with the meanest army in the game with…


Now these guys would work perfectly, as would most Eldar models. Just make sure there’s two CCW on the models, and you’re set! Also a thought would be Catachans. Plenty of knives and swords in the box, and the bulky yelling Guardsmen would work perfect for a Death Cult!

Inquisitorial Servitor:

Current Model: You’ve seen these models, nothing new.

I made my own for my Imperial Guard using some spare IG bitz and Zombie bitz.

Techpriest and Servitors

Not the most popular henchmen, but Humanoid models with mechanical bitz would work the best.

Alrighty guys, I’m STILL waiting on the magnets for the Tau to come in, but I’m slowly rallying through the Tau still. I’m about to get the Drones primed so I can finish them up!



  1. Those servitors are very cool :)
    Fine jewellery chain could work really well for Daemonhosts as well. You think simple Cadian IG would look the part for Warrior Acolytes?

  2. Regular IG would work perfectly for Warrior Acolytes. Most of their upgrades come in the Cadian Command Box, and for things like Combi-Weapons, a simple conversion or stroll through your bitz box would work fine!