Friday, April 1, 2011

Painting: Ork Warboss; Da Ogryn is Bigga Den Da Boss?!

Hey guys,

So I got a little bit done yesterday and this morning. As I stated a couple of days ago, my roommate gave me his box of AoBR. As my friend has already claimed the Deffkoptas as payment for some Gaunt’s Ghost novels, I decided to paint up the Warboss. I went for an Evil Sunz style scheme with a road base and oil stains on the pants and loincloth. I’m thinking about doing a small force of these to sell, so keep an eye open in the near future!



I’m rather happy with him so far!

Also painted is my Ogryn I was working on. I’m sure I threw up the WIP pictures, but if I haven’t….

Ogryn Sculpting 1

I’m starting to work on my sculpting, especially working in stages. I’d do the chestplate, let it dry, then move onto the shoulderpads, kneeguards, etc. Anyways, he went from above to….


I’m really happy with him! He looks like the rest of the models, and didn’t run me $20 for a huge, bulky, hunk of pewter. I’ll be doing the rest of the Ogryn like this soon! Oh, and just for fun…


Intimidating! Like an Ogryn should be! I’m gonna have to go back and do my Bone ‘ead now…

Alrighty, I’ve got two commissions on the way right now, as well as a sentinel, two bodyguards, and a potential carnifex/tervigon, as I finally got a replacement tail, on the table, so expect some more pictures on Saturday!

Also, to everyone at Adepticon: Good luck and have fun!


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