Saturday, April 2, 2011

Modeling: One Final Tervigon

Hey guys,

So as you may recall, about a Month ago, I was all set to play Tyranids. I had a 5 Tervigon List drawn up, just something goofy and ridiculous. I finally came to the sense that I shouldn’t be doing another horde army (at least yet), and the Carnifex I ordered was missing its tail! After calling GW, they sent me a new Carnifex Sprue with the tail, torso, etc. All good, I built and sold that last Tervigon. But I still had a ton of Carnifex bitz. What am I to do?

Bitz Box had just updated their Tyranid bitz supplies, including, yep, the Carnifex. Rather than buying the tail on eBay for $15+, I got one for $5. So I sat down last night and this morning, and rattled off, hopefully, my final non-commission Tervigon.




There’s 4 Termagant models, some partially, one whole, a Ripper, and some various Carnifex bitz to add some of my usual character. I’m extremely happy with how he turned out, and he’ll be up in the ++FOR SALE++ page, as well as on eBay, here shortly, so keep an eye out!

EDIT: Listing is up HERE!


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