Sunday, March 27, 2011

Painting: Weekend’s Accomplishments


Hey guys,

So I got a little bit of work done this weekend on my Imperial Guard of all things. Mainly this post is just more detailed shots and things, but also included is a major sculpting job I’ve been working on. I’m not a pushover with Greenstuff, but sculpting major objects is not my forte. Anyways, lets get started.

First off is 5 of 6 planned Heavy Weapons Teams. The only one missing is Blue Squad’s Missile Launcher, but I’m trying to get a sculpt I like, so expect that one tomorrow or Tuesday.


Red Squad

Red Autocannon Detail

Missile Launcher Detail



Blue Squad _1



I’m really happy with them so far, and they should add some needed firepower to everything. I do want to to a group of Lascannon Teams, so I’ll probably do that this summer.

Also, I’ve broken out my Ogryn again. I’ve been working on this project since I started my guard almost three years ago, and everytime, I break them apart and start to redo them. Now’s one of those redo times, and I’m hoping this is the last.

Ogryn Sculpting 1

Ogryn Sculpting 2

That’s right. Ogryn sized Flak armour! I’m also resculpting his feet, as I really, really, REALLY hate the Ogre shoes that they come with.

Finally, I got a practice game with my roommate on Saturday. He’d purchased AoBR, and wanted to do a small game with his Marines and my Tau. It was 590 points of Marines vs. 530 Points of Tau. I ran 4 suits, a full FW squad, and a Piranha. I let him win, and he learned a decent chunk of 40k with it. But at the end of the game, he gave me his AoBR set; Orks and all!

So the Marines will be going to the SLW marine project, and the Orks will slowly get painted and sold. If anyone’s interested in some painted and/or unpainted Orks, email me at SmellsLikeWargaming@hotmail dot com, and we’ll work out a deal!

I’ve got some school stuff coming up on Tuesday, but as soon as that’s done, its pretty much smooth sailing from here till the end of April, when the school year ends and I pretty much go home to work! Expect a TON of painting in the next month!


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