Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Painting: Granesh’s IG Infantry (Part One)

Hey guys,

So I’ve been putting these pictures up on Dakka and the IC forums, but I figured I’d throw them up here too! My computer wasn’t too happy with me trying upload like 20 pictures to my blog yesterday, so lets hope things are different this time!

First up, Company Command:

Company Command Squad

Primaris Psyker

Primaris Psyker

Lord Commissar

Lord Commissar

Techpriest (Currently in the Simple Green Bath)

Techpriest and Servitors

Platoon Commands

Platoon Command (1)

Platoon Command (2)

Finally, some detailed shots of my Veterans!

Green Vet Squad (1)

Green Vet Squad (2)

Green Vet Squad (3)

Red Vet Squad (1)

Red Vet Squad (2)

Red Vet Squad (3)

Hope this brings some inspiration! (Or some commissions ;) )

Enjoy guys, I’ll put some more pictures of the guard up tomorrow, mainly the infantry squads!


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