Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday #6: Building Your Own Tervigon, the Granesh Way!


Hey everyone,

So its finally time. I’ve been wanting to do a tutorial on this piece for quite a while. Before I go on, or you wonder what qualifications I have regarding this project, take this in mind.

I’ve built FOUR of these so far, and painted two of these. Back in May 2010, my first Tervigon was featured on Games-Workshop’s daily blog post. The featured Tervigon is somewhere in New Mexico, one is in North Carolina, one is in Great Britain, and the last is sitting on my desk in my apartment.

I’ve tried to keep true to the Codex artwork. A little bit bulkier than a Carnifex, walking on Four Scythed Talons, as well as its Back Legs. Anyways, less blather, more building!


  • Tyranid Carnifex Kit and its 60mm Base
  • 1-2 Tyranid Termagants
  • Green Stuff
  • Wooden Beads, Foam Eggs, or other easily cut spherical object.
  • 2 Square 50mm Monster Bases
  • Sheet of Plasticard

AVERAGE CONSTRUCTION TIME: 3 Hours (depending on Green Stuff’s drying)

Creating the Base


1) Cut the 60mm Monstrous Creature base in half. Fit a whole 50mm Monster Base between the halves, and affix these to a sheet of plasticard.

2) Cut down the second 50mm Monster base to make the new base equal and square with each other.

3) Green Stuff gaps as needed.

Creating the Beast


1) Assemble the Torso and Legs as normal. DON’T USE THE PLAIN TOP CARAPACE! Besides, Tervigon are armed with a Stinger Salvo or Cluster Spines.


2) Take the Plain Carapace piece, and cut it down so that it matches the Back carapace on the Carnifex Torso. I’ve put red lines down where I want to cut.


3) Affix it to the back carapace of the Carnifex torso. You may need to Green Stuff cement it to the torso.


4) Attach the Legs to the New Piece of Carapace. You want to lengthen the model, rather than have the short, stubby Carnifex. This step can be hard to get to attach and dry, so you may have to Green Stuff Cement again, or use something like a paint pot to keep the torso up. MAKE SURE THE TALONS STILL REACH THE GROUND!!!


5) When the Torso is dry, attach the talons.

Tervigon WIP

6) Using the beads, eggs, or whatever spherical object you found, begin to build up the birthing sacs. While you can use Green Stuff on the entire thing, I find that using the eggs both saves Green Stuff, and makes a strange texture.



7) Cut a Termagant in half and attach him to the developing sacs.


I like to have two, as it keeps the piece from being too busy, yet shows that it’s a Tervigon from any angle.

8) Using your Green Stuff, begin to cover the eggs, the Gants, etc. You want the birthing sacs to look unified and a full piece, rather than eggs falling off the creature.



9) Attach any upgrades either to the birthing sacs, or near to them. Remember, your Tervigon gives all Gants within 6” poison or Furious Charge, depending on the Tervigon’s upgrades, so show them!

Tervigon (5)

I like the Toxin Sacs directly on the Birthing Sacs, and the Adrenal Gland on the back, where you added the piece of carapace.

10) Finish the base and attach the model to it! Congratulations, you now have your own Tervigon!!

Tervigon (1)

Tervigon (8)



I hope this helped all you Tyranid players out, if you have any questions, or if something doesn’t seem clear, please feel free to email me at SmellsLikeWargaming@hotmail dot com.

The Hive Mind Commands,



  1. Freakin' awesome mate! Thats a very simple and effective tutorial! I dont use Tervigons in my lists but i may well have a go at making one!

  2. Great conversion. And the step by step is awesome. Gonna keep this one in the bookmarks

  3. I love the look! Could you give a little more detail as to how you did the orange stipling on the carapace and sything talons? I love the effect!

  4. @The GunGrave and J.Kane: Thank you gentlemen!

    @SilentJester: The orange stippling was applied using, actually, the same technique as my tank weathering. Bestial Brown was sponged onto the model. Blazing Orange was then painting onto the spots, adding for a nice tone variation and a gradation back into the carapace.