Monday, February 21, 2011

Painting: Bastion, Raptors and Pathfinders; Editorial: GW Changed their Free Shipping!?


Hey guys,

Just a quite post today.

First off, I finished the Bastion prize for the SLW and the IC’s Bastion Painting Contest, and the prize has been shipped out to the lucky winner!


I think it turned out rather nicely, plus I got to practice a little weathering technique on it as well.

Secondly, I know I said I’m finished with the Tau army. That’s not true. I’m really freaking close. I have about 5 drone, 3 kroot, 5 pathfinders, and a Broadside to finish it up. I’ll have them all done during Spring Break, which begins on the 7th of March for me. Anyways, I got the first Pathfinder finished last night, the Shas’o, which is converted out of the Devilfish pilot and some Fire Warrior Bitz. I really like this model.


Last on the painting block, I know its not painted, but I got my Chaos Possessed built. However, I really don’t like Possessed, and they don’t really fit the Vraks Renegade Legion army, so I’ve taken some jump packs from the Death Company sprue, as well as the winged backpacks, and made a group of Chaos Raptors. I’m really happy with how these guys look so far, I have the unit set up as a 10 man squad with Fist and two Meltaguns. Here’s the first four.


I’m still trying to decide on a scheme for them. I’m thinking Word Bearers….maybe Lords of Decay…nah…I don’t know, I’ll think of something.

Anyways, on to the meat of my post. I know it won’t seem like a huge deal to most of you, but Games Workshop recently changed their “Free Shipping” deal. Started sometime over the last two years, Games Workshop has been providing free shipping on orders over $15.

Not having a local hobby shop (the nearest is 3 hours), I do all of my ordering online. Now, Games Workshop has made ordering online a pain in the ass. Companies aren’t allowed to “sell Games Workshop products [with] the benefit of an online shopping cart” (The War Store). With the $15 Free Shipping, its been easy for me to order things like paints, tools, Green Stuff, etc., directly off of their website. Hell, I made a commission paint order yesterday from Games Workshop. However, Games Workshop has now DOUBLED the price from $15 to $30.


Now, in many cases, this is no big deal. A standard box of Guardsmen is $25 or so. Coupled with some paint, etc., you’re easily over $30. But why are you ordering that kind of stuff over Games Workshop’s site in the first place, when places like The War Store, Wayland Games, or, hell, eBay, have them at 20%+ off retail prices.

Most paints for a commission run between $20 and $40, usually in range of the $30. But now if I need to order, say, two or three paints, I have to tack on a box set or something else I really don’t need at the moment. I understand its business sense, but honestly, its rather ridiculous.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you even buy anything off of Games Workshop’s site? Should I quit bitching? Sound off in the comments!

I’ve got an 1k Word Bearers/Death Guard army on its way right now to get painted, so expect pictures starting this weekend!



  1. The Games Workshop website is pretty terrible all around. I don't even bother with it for anything, whether it be information, orders, or anything else.

  2. Very true. If I had a local shop, I'd purchase my paints from there, plus I'd have them quicker. Their blog posts are pretty good actually, and usually have some cool models on it.