Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday #1: Painting Skintone


Hey everyone,

Welcome to my first installment of Tutorial Tuesday. Not all of them are going to be released this late  in the day, but I’ll try to get 52 released this year, so lets hope this stays popular!

Anyways, for this installment, I wanted to share how I paint my humanesque skintones. The whole trick to this method is understanding where dips, wrinkles, etc, are on the model. I’m using the screaming head from the Cadian Guardsmen box, first because he has a lot of wrinkles and things, and second I have a BAZILLION of them.


  • Tallarn Flesh
  • Liche Purple
  • Dark Flesh

If you want to do zombie skintone, replace the purple with green. If the model is older, replace it with grey or blue. For more life, use Warlock Purple or a warmer purple.

The picture below is in ascending steps from left to right.

1) Base the area with a 1:1:1 of Tallarn Flesh, Liche Purple, and Dark Flesh.

2) Paint a 1:1 mix of Tallarn Flesh and Liche Purple over the skin, leaving the last coat in the deepest recesses.

3) Paint a 1:2 mix of Tallarn Flesh and Liche Purple on the skin, leaving both the last coat and the 1st coat in the recesses.

4) Paint pure Tallarn Flesh over the last coat, keeping care to save the recesses.


I know I make it sound easy, and it is. I use the Standard Brush by GW when painting this, so you don’t need the eyelash detail brush to do this. Its all about taking your time and practicing.

I hope this helps all you gamers paint some realistic human skin! Get your models painted!



  1. Nice Tutorial... Good use of Scout Heads since they are all exactly the same you can see the effects nicely.

  2. Very simple, very well done.
    Nice job.

    Ron, From the Warp