Friday, December 31, 2010

Thoughts: 2010: Painting, Commissions, and Ideas

Hey everyone,

So kinda a sappy, cliché post for today. Being New Years Eve, I figured I’d look back to this year, my wargaming advances, and starting Smells Like Wargaming here.

2010 was definitely the most productive year I’ve ever had in the six years I’ve been in this hobby.

  • January-March: Saw the near completion of my Imperial Guard, as well as the 3 Tervigon I’ve made. The pictured one actually made it onto the Games Workshop Website in May! January also saw the completion of my Stegadon-Squiggoth conversion.

Tervigon (1)



  • The Summer introduced me to a lot of new aspects of the game and the hobby. Not only did I start the blog, but I got my Imperial Guard army finished, I travelled 1000 miles to WAR Games Con, AND got Smells Like Wargaming Commission Painting up and running with my first true commission.



Highlight of WAR Games Con: Playing Colby Anger, 2009 GT Winner, and tying him.


Also, I finally got my first entirely resin vehicle in the form of the goofiest and my favorite flyer in the game: The Arvus Lighter.


The Taxicab. I did get the true flying stand on it yesterday, so expect a 75% finished picture tomorrow, assuming my camera battery survives that long.

This Fall and Winter saw a great increase in commissions (More orks, skaven, Tau), as well as the start of my own Tau Empire army!




CSCFinished (1)

My Bork’an Sept Winter Tau.

Man, its been a busy year! Here’s to another year of painting, modelling, and gaming! I’ll be finishing my Tau, starting work into my Pre-Heresy World Eaters, and expanding my Painting Service to new levels. I’m already advertising on The Independent Characters, I’m being a social aspect on their forums, on DakkaDakka, and on BoLS, which is helping a lot too.

Finally, I WILL be attending WAR Games Con again this year with my buddy BrotherYotakka. I’m hoping to get some blogger games in this time, so I’ll have to drop a line to a couple different ones. Apparently, I met Brent from Strictly Average last year, so I’ll have to do some official meetings, too.

Being a student, I can’t make it to Adepticon, but it’s a goal within the next couple of years. Besides, The IC’s will have my logo up at the show, so that’ll make up for it.

Alrighty, I hope you all have an excellent New Years! Don’t drink too much and be safe! Smells Like Wargaming will be bringing a ton of new regular articles all next year (Look for Tutorial Tuesdays!), so keep an eye on the blog! Thanks to all of my followers and supporters!



  1. Great stuff, man. I look forward to seeing your work at least every tuesday. You have had some incredible work so far, so I can only imagine where you are going from here.

  2. Hi Granesh, that Steg-Squiggoth conversion is awesome, I really like it.

    Thanks for posting and sharing. I like your blog, I'll be back,

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