Monday, December 13, 2010

Finished: Fire Warriors and FW Crisis Suit

Hey everyone,

So I’ve been putting away at some non-terrain pieces as well as the Aegis Defence Lines and Trapdoor I put up a little bit ago. I haven’t given up on my Tau yet, even if they did fail me at some really stupidly easy tasks. Everyone knows painted models perform better on the Tabletop!

Anyways, to start, the Fire Warriors:

FWfinished (3)

FWfinished (4)

I’m fairly happy with how they turned out, though I just realized I forgot to paint the Team Leader’s right glove…oops…Everything has a cohesive look to it that really brings the unit together, from the Ice Blue down to the Sept Markings.

Also up is my Forge World Crisis Suit Commander. I’ll probably go back and add some more detail here in the next couple of weeks, but that’s just what I do to all my pieces!

CSCFinished (1)

Everything’s magnetized on him too, so if I wanna try Flamer-Fusion Blaster instead, I have the stuff to do it!

CSCFinished (3)


Yes that’s a Space Wolf and Rhino door on his base. I can dream, right?

I’ve got the rest of the Kroot to finish, as well as that tweaky Crisis Suit, Hammerhead, and Pathfinders I got, then I’m done with the stuff on my desk. After those, it’ll probably be more Fire Warriors, Hounds, then some Broadsides!

Stay tuned folks!



  1. Really great choice of colors all around and great posing on the suits. If only the GW suits looked half as nice as the FW ones.

  2. Thanks Old School Termie! The FW suits are definitely better than the GW ones, I honestly think its the posable legs that really do it. I'll put a picture up soon showing a size comparision; while you use the plastic torso and feet, the FW one looks considerably bigger than the GW ones too.