Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thoughts: New Dark Eldar


Hey guys,

So as everyone now knows, Dark Eldar are the next Codex coming out! I received GW’s newsletter today, and the thing is slathered in New Dark Eldar pictures. Sure you can sit on the BoLS and see the fuzzy, washed out photos behind the glass case….or you can get a nice, White Background detailed shot! Here we go!

Old Model: Lelith Hesperax


New Model: Lelith Hesperax

AM_Stormvermin4, 26/1/10, 3:52 pm,  8C, 752x996 (2907+3503), 100%, Miniature Scan,  1/15 s, R64.0, G39.3, B46.5<br />

New Raider:


As a painter, these models are FANTASTIC!! They have an almost Chinese Elf Pirate look to them, especially in the Junk-looking Raider and Ravager! I do see a problem, however, and you can see it better on the BoLS picture of the Raider: The spindley, crappy little flying stand! You’d think they’d do a little version of the Valkyrie stand instead of the current one…must be waiting for the Tau to fix it…

Tactically, Dark Eldar sound like they’re going to put a nail in the Imperial Guard coffin. Fast, open topped Dark Lances, most weapons in the army are supposed to be poisoned (4+), and some brand new characters, this codex promises to be the best one to date! Look out Space Wolves and Blood Angels, Sadistic Space Elves are coming!


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