Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Call Mr. Plow!

Call Mr. Plow, that's my name. That name again is Mr. Plow....ehrm, sorry....

So I'm posting late, but I figured I'd throw some new stuff up here tonight, my teammate and I got a little chunk of work done!

I sat down with his new Scouts, got all the bases done, and was able to finish 2 tonight. We also got the Display Board sanded; unfortunately, though, it warped....just a tad, but enough to irritate me a bit....

Anywho, enough blathering, some pictures!

The board is coming along nicely, I just have to work up the courage now to *gulp* paint the thing....that'll be an endeavour in itself, don't expect that done this week, work's going to kill me!

I also got one more piece done, something for my Company Command Squad. I've been staring at my 4 veterans, thinking "They don't look Veteran-y at all!" So as of now, I have the Vox finished:

Before After

They're the same model, with the original Vox switched for the Catachan Vox, the right Lasgun arm to a converted Lasgun-carrying arm holding a pair of Binoculars, and the stupid Vox head switched to a Forge World Vet Upgrade head. I like this model a lot more, the head tilt adds to the effect that he's actually talking to someone, calling in orders, etc., and matches my Company Commander, who I'll put pictures up of later.
Bedtime, hope modelling inspiration comes with these pictures,

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