Tuesday, July 21, 2015

7/21/15: Showcase: Clan Raukaan Iron Hands Army Commission!

Howdy folks!

Its been a busy two weeks here in the studio! Picked up some new furniture and did some shuffling, but those pictures are for a different time! Most of that time was spent getting this Iron Hands commission completed!

This project consisted of:

  • 4 Techmarines
  • 2 Servitors
  • 22 Tactical Marines
  • 2 Rhinos/Razorbacks
  • Vindicator
  • Stalker
  • Land Raider Achilles
  • Thunderfire Cannon
  • 2 Ironclad Dreadnoughts
  • Iron Hands Knight Titan
Enough talk though....

The complete army! This army will be getting larger soon as well, believe the client has another 2k worth of Marines, as well as an Inquisitor, to add to the force!

Rhino/Razorback #1

Rhino/Razorback #2

Tactical Squad #1; both squads have both a Meltagun and Flamer Marine for flexibility.

Tactical Squad #2

The Land Raider Achilles, such a badass model! All 3 hatch options are magnetized for flexibility!

The duo of Ironclad Dreadnoughts 'Deimos' and 'Phobos'; as you can see both arms are interchangable, and the Hunter-Killer Missiles on top are magnetized!

Iron Hands Vindicator; as always, that Siege Shield just screams out for hazard striping!

The Thunderfire Cannon and his Techmarine Crew. Love this model, its super simple but always turns out so nicely!

A Clash of eras! Left is the Finecast Techmarine, while right is the old pewter one. While the sculpt on the left is nicer, Finecast has not been nice to this model. I haven't seen one without its share of errors!

A duo of servitors, perfect for extra wounds and getting that 3+ Repair roll!

The head honcho Techmarine! The client wanted the hatch storm shield for him, and I opted for a blue glow power Axe for this one to make him more imposing and eye catching on the tabletop!

And the centerpiece to the force, a Knight Titan themed to the rest of the army! All carapace weapons are magnetized, and the stubber has been left unattached at the clients discretion. I opted for plenty of black and white, as well as the yellow chevrons to catch the eye and break up all that black!

Clan Raukaan's armored company moves past wreckage from the Imperial Fists.

Hold your ground! Tactical Marines and Techmarines secure supply containers under heavy fire!

Techmarines hold the line between the enemy and their big guns!

What an interesting army to work on! I've never done a black army like this, so it was interesting breaking up the black with the sponge weathering and weathering powders. I learned a lot from this project, and I'm excited for the next wave of them!

Don't forget! If you're looking to get your models painted, from a single figure, to an army, to your massive titans and war machines, you can drop us an email at SmellsLikeWargaming@hotmail dot com, and we'll get you a quote! 

Next up is some Infinity models, followed by a mishmash of other models and pieces. September sees something massive moving into the studio, you wont want to miss it!



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  1. They look great! It must be a shame to part with them after all that hard work!