Tuesday, June 17, 2014

6/17/14: Finished: Alpha Legion Heldrake

Hey guys!

So after finishing the Warhound Titan, I figured I could spend a little time getting a project of my own finished. I got my Heldrake about two years ago, soon after the release of the codex and, after magnetizing and building the monster, it sat on my shelf!

Over time, I got a base built for it and got the torso partially painted. Then it went back on the shelf, occasionally melting Dark Eldar Incubi and Marine Devastators before going back to its sad state. No more I say! So I got the wings primed and colored, glued the Baleflamer in (who runs the Hades Autocannon?!), and replaced his base with one from Dragon Forge Designs, to match the other Chaos Marines rocking his bases!

The beast in all his glory! I decided to glue the wings instead of magnetize them, as I'm sick of watching this monstrous beast drag his wings on the ground!

The fleshy areas were painted Sybarite Green and highlighted with a mix of Sybarite Green and Pallid Wych Flesh, and matches the daemonic skintone on the Warp Talons and Helbrutes. The cabling was painted Moot Green and glazed with Waywatcher Green to give it an evil glow.

A little bone for his tale, and the trailing cables continued the Moot Green. 

The underside was airbrushed with VGC Livery Green to give it an eerie, ghastly glow.

Trim, trim, and more trim! If I was a Chaos Lord, I'd sacrifice the Warpsmith responsible! The trim was painted Leadbelcher, washed Nuln Oil, then carefully lined with VGC Silver (I prefer the dropper bottle for my metals), leaving the washed metallic around the rivets and in areas to add depth to the metal.

Lots of freehanding too! That's done like the rest of my Alpha Legion; blocked in with Warpstone Glow, then highlighted with Moot Green. I try to keep the symbols to the Hydra, the XX, and the 'A' with chains motif.

The Dragon Forge Base! The Newspapers were taken from a Massive Voodoo tutorial found HERE; if you don't follow these guys, you're missing out, as their work is inspirational and their tutorials are some of the best on the internet. Its basic newsprint, glued together with matte varnish, touched with some paint to mimic type, and washed. Its a great effect, and I'll be doing it across the rest of my bases before the army is finished!

With this finished project, I'm one step closer to finishing my Alpha Legion! I'd love to see GW make a plastic Chosen kit, but with this, I've got some cultists and my Burning Brand Sorcerer to finish! Dunno if I'll hold onto the army when its finished, but we'll see!

Next up is terrain and Slaanesh/Khorne Daemons! Here's a sneak peek at a 54mm Raging Heroes Asharah being used as a Slaanesh Daemon Prince!

Stay tuned folks!



  1. Looks great! Really like how he came out!

    Suggestion for the future! If you find magnets are creating drooping items, use two spaced apart. Generally when an arm/wing is heavy, it will tend to rotate or droop down. Adding a second magnet point helps prevent it from rotating from it's preferred position. Of course you lose the ability to customize the pose, so you'd do this mainly for transport purposes.

    Btw that asharah conversion is top notch!!!

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