Monday, May 5, 2014

5/5/14: Legio Titanicus: Part One

Hey folks!

So its begun! The Legio Titanicus commission is in full swing, and I'm working diligently to get everything ready for paint! For those of you who don't know, this commission is for:
  • 3x Knight Titans, magnetized for both Errant and Paladin options, and pained in House Raven colors.
  • 1x Warhound Titan, with magnetized arms for the Plasma Blastgun/Vulkan Mega Bolter, or Twin Turbo Laser Destructors, painted in Legio Metalica colors.
I've never had the opportunity to play with a Titan besides the new Knights, so I'm very excited to be working on this! Lets jump in and show day one's progress:

The first Knight is fully magnetized! The gun mounts have been trimmed and covered in plasticard. The arm had a washer mounted to avoid polarity issues, and 3 Rare earth magnets were arranged for maximum durability on the battlefield.

Believe the washer was a 1" diameter, but I could be wrong. Should be able to use these on the Warhound as well. Should hopefully be getting the other two assembled and primed tonight, so painting can begin tomorrow!

Speaking of paint...the bases got some love! Made from Cities of Death pieces, Urban Barricades, and the Garden of Morr kits, the kits were glued to the bases, then a mix of Vallejo's Black Lava and modeling sand was applied to create an urban mess and cemetery field. The airbrush was used to quickly apply color and shade them, and the stonework was sponged with Chainmail to give a metallic look to the underlay.


Alrighty! Got one more Knight arriving this week for the Smells Like Wargaming treatment, so expect to see that later this week or early next week! Lots of big models this month, its exciting!

Stay tuned!

Grand Magos Granesh

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