Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5/13/14: Legio Titanicus, Part Three

Hey folks!

Sorry for the lack of updates last week, I was in Nebraska/South Dakota for my little brother's National Guard commencement and college graduation! As soon as I got back, though, I got right to work!

I wrapped up the second Knight titan yesterday; they're all named after the Musketeers, so this is Porthos. I threw in some checkers to add some visual variation to Porthos.

The Warhound is nearly finished up to the hips! May touch up some areas on the toes, but I'm incredibly happy with how he's sitting right now!

The client had originally wanted both Aquila shinguards, but after looking at that blank one, I decided it needed some freehand and that he'd enjoy that more. I was right! The Legio Metalica symbol was blocked in with grey, then shaded up! I also modified the existing Iron Skulls symbol and made it a little more...scary.

The other shinguard! I opted for a marblized look for the aquila. The banner has the titan's name, Erasmus, across the two pieces.

The head cover has been started as well! I'm debating on some freehanding or decals on the top, but for now, I'm happy with it. Must do the inside next. It lifts off to allow you to see the crew on the inside.

Alrighty! Next up is the torso interior, there's a lot of detail there, so this'll be fun!


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  1. Wow. Wonderful work! Bases really compliment the models. The wear chips are done nicely as well. Good weathering...nothing but praise here. :)