Monday, February 3, 2014

2/3/14: Finished: Tau Assembly Commission

Howdy folks!

Man its been quite a weekend! Friday I had a meeting with my clients down in Farmington about an upcoming idea we've had kicking around. Nothing to talk about yet, but keep an eye on this space for some future projects that will really turn heads! Saturday was the Born of the Gods release for Magic at my FLGS, and Sunday, well, lets just just say my Broncos had a great season this year, and we'll be back next year even better!

I've finally been able to wrap up this Tau Commission I've had sitting here for a couple of weeks. It would have been done two weeks ago, but hang ups with ordering kept me from doing so. This guy was just assembly, no paint. A lot of people have come to me with assembly-only commissions; I happily do them, I've got no qualms about building a client's army, rather than painting it. Lets break it down though, shall we? The commission consisted of:

1 Hammerhead
Commander Shadowsun
Finecast Crisis Suit Commander (Magnetized)
3 Crisis Suits (Magnetized and Dynamically Posed)
1 Riptide (Magnetized and Dynamically Posed)
3 Broadsides (Magnetized and Dynamically Posed) 
Drones out the Wazoo! 

Here's the full commission; please ignore the strangely pointed weapons on the Riptide, I took these about midnight and just missed it...

The Hammerhead! The weapon mount holds the guns, so there was no need for magnets here.

Commander Shadowsun; the client opted for the unhelmeted head, the Stealth Suit head she comes with it a little strange. 

The Finecast Crisis Commander; this model is incredible! I'd easily put this in competition with the Forge World kits, and about the same price. All pieces are magnetized, of course, and correspond with the Crisis Suits so weapons can be swapped out. For some reason, the Commander only has the Cyclic Ion Blaster, the Fragmentation Cannon, and the Plasma Rifle. 

The Crisis Suits; I love these models, they go together very easily, and magnetize the same! The front one has a magnet on the underside and the flight stand to prevent obnoxious breakage. 

The Broadside Brothers; WOW. Just WOW. These kits are tight! I remember having to deal with the pewter/plastic monstrosity with the old ones, and the design, look, everything, is a million times better. Magnetizing the arms was a little bit of a pain, took a little trial and error, but everything is swapable. Monstrous Creatures? Railgun and Plasma Rifles! Heldrake? Skyfire those missiles like a boss!

Ah, the Riptide. This model assembles incredibly quickly and easily! Even magnetization was easy on this guy, though getting the main gun to hang without drooping was a little bit of a challenge.

As you can see, the crossbar thing on the side of the gun is magnetized to attach the gun. There's an additional magnet on the underside of the arm and top of the gun for extra stability. 

This model is worth it, even if you don't play Tau and just want something to paint up. The amount of space and detail would make for one hell of a paintjob, as we've all seen done since the model came out!

Whew! Alrighty, the next two days is dedicated to wrapping up the ice Necrons. I've got work to finish up on my Genghis Con entries (Norbit!!!), as well as a Wraithknight and some Chaos pieces coming in that should be a cinch to rock though! I'm also getting the privilege of painting an Erebus model soon too, that should be a lot of fun!

Alrighty, back to work!


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