Thursday, January 17, 2013

1/17/13: WIP: Death Cultists and Cthulhu's Homeboy!

Hey guys!

Just killing some time between classes, so I figured I'd share my current projects. I also have a bastion to finish up tonight, but I need to get some more primer to get that sucker painted up. Pictures tomorrow hopefully! I've just got a couple of fun projects I figured you'd all enjoy!

First up is a little piece I had to pick up from work after I saw it. As I'm sure a lot of you know, Reaper's Bones Line blew up when they started their Kickstarter and, as a result, they've got a lot of pieces coming out in plastic. Now, the plastic is different than, say, Games Workshop or Privateer Press, but it still paints up fairly well and holds detail. My only gripe is that the plastic is a little softer than what I'm used to, so details are a little murky and the paint goes on a little differently. Debating on doing a full on diorama for this guy; otherwise, he'll probably make his way into my Chaos Marines or just end up being sold. He's only $3 as well, so there's not a huge cost to pick him up!

Been rocking the NMM lately, and figured I'd practice it on his cloak. The detail is so small I'll need to get some pictures with a real camera, but even I'm impressed with the detail the plastic managed to hold. A little detail was made up, but hey, you can't even tell! 

Even earlier WIP shot of him. I did some subtle spotting on the back of his head like a sea creature would have, hopefully it still shows up. Been a good mix of washes and general highlighting to get him to where he's at now.

And, at Neil's request, I've been applying Axe heads to the Death Cult Assassins. I'm only doing part of the squad with them, figure if the whole squad is armed with them, it can be a simple counts-as scenario. The only problem I have with the Cult Assassins is that their feet are too small to drop a pin into and mount to the base, so I stuck with the Green Stuff Cement trick. Hopefully it holds, but I may need to find another solution before I send them out.

Alrighty, hoping to have the Cultists primed tonight or saturday, but the Bastion will be done by Saturday, and preferably tonight. Expect step-by-step pictures on the Facebook page and Twitter tonight!


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