Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Finished: Khador Additions

Hey guys!

Just been rolling through the painting the last couple of days! I’m going home for holiday tomorrow, so Smells Like Wargaming will be back up with painting goodness next Tuesday! Hoping to post some army list ideas, as I have no plans but to sit back, relax, sleep, and play around with Army Builder while I’m home!

Alrighty! My latest commission was a Khador force, consisting of:

  • Sorscha
  • Wardog
  • Winter Guard Command and Banner Bearer
  • 5 Man-O-Wars
  • 2 Heavy Jacks (A Destroyer and a Juggernaut)

I’m rather happy with how they turned out. The client wanted Menoth bitz scattered about their bases, which turned out best with the Winter Guard commander and Sorscha I think.




Little free-hand filigree for a nice touch!



Man O Wars with Sorscha!


The pictures really don’t do her justice. Here’s a little better shot of the face…



This gentleman here didn’t want to hold his banner.  A little Green Stuff cement made him rethink his strategy…


Again, like the other Winter Guard, you can see the age of this model on the face when compared to Sorscha.


‘For the Motherland! For Khador!’



And, of course, the Doggie! Really neat model, PP has some figures I’d love to paint up at some point!


“To war!”

Phew! Alrighty! We at Smells Like Wargaming (more like I….) would like to wish everyone a happy holiday! Safe travels, and don’t party too hardy! Next up on the painting block is Mag’s Green Knights, followed by *gulp* Imperial Fists!



  1. Hey, impressive miniatures, good work.

    Can you tell me your recipe for the blue, please??

    It´s nice to see some khador in a non-red scheme!!

  2. Great looking theme. Like the Grajo said, nice to see em in something besides red. Love the dog.

  3. Thanks guys! I was really interested when the client said he wanted them blue instead of red, and was worried they'd look to Cygnarian.
    @Grajo: Its actually a base of Mordian Blue, then layered with a 1:1 mix of Mordian Blue and Enchanted Blue. A pure Enchanted Blue highlight, then a 2:1 of Enchanted Blue and Skull White for that last bright highlight!