Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finished: Grey Knights Land Raider

Hey guys,

So I kicked it into high gear today and got the Land Raider finished for my current commission! It was an interesting model to do, mainly because I’ve never actually done a Land Raider before, as well as that much metallic on a large area.

I think the light wash of Asurman Blue and Black Ink really worked for shading, and the combination of White, Red, and Metallic Silver really brings the model together. I may go back around to the white and retouch it, as it feels too streaky for my preference, but hey, we’ll see.




Front Detail


“Ordo Bane”

Side Detail


And with the client’s reference model scanning for Heretics and Xenos.


Next up is a Salamanders Vindicator, which I’ll begin work on tonight!



  1. Nicely done man, very nicely done! I really like the colour palate, purple glass really goes well with the red detailing!

    I just used the same combo for some Purple eye glow on the red armour of my Khorne blokes.

    I also really like the way the silver came up.

    Great stuff!

  2. Door details look particularly good- nice one!

    Looking forward to seeing the Sally tank...

  3. Looks great! I am not sure about the purple though. I would have gone with green to compliment the red.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys! The client actually wasn't too keen on the purple for the cupola visor areas, so I'm getting those changed right now. Other than that, he's totally happy with the model!

    I've also started on the Vindicator, which I should have pictures up of progress around 4 pm MST!