Monday, May 16, 2011

Painting: Obliterators; Tervigon Beginnings

Hey guys,

A quick update this afternoon! I’m almost finished with Monster Rain’s Word Bearers! The Obliterators (Banes of my existance…) are almost finished, just putting some finishing touches on the bases.


I’m rather happy with them as a group, they should look great as they’re blasting guard and marines away! All that’s left is a SINGLE Daemonette, and its finished! Group shots tomorrow after work!

Also, I’ve started work on the three Tervigon. I’m really glad the gentleman wanted Valkyrie bases, they work really nicely!



As I’m working from 5 to about 9 or 10, I’ll finish the commission, as well as a couple of Tervigon! More pictures coming soon! Enjoy!


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