Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Painting: Khorne Berserkers and Plague Marines

Hey guys,

Just a quick update tonight. With the Eagle Warriors out in the mail, I’m rocking out the Word Bearers Chaos Marines!

First up are the Khorne Berserkers. I don’t have the Rhinos with me at the moment, so they aren’t in the shots. But I promise, they fit PERFECTLY. The squads are denoted by their Right shoulderpads, which are either Red or Black. Anyways, PICTURES!



Also finished are the Plague Marines! Like the Zerkers, the Rhino isn’t with me right now, so no group picture. But when everything’s finished, I’ll make sure they all get group pictures.


I really think the Ice Blue plasma works on these models, as it just compliments the Rust perfectly.


I’m planning on having the Daemonettes finished tomorrow, as well as having everything assembled and primed. My goal is to have everything finished by the weekend. I also have 3 Tervigon to get finished, as well as a Termagant and Hive Guard model for that big Tyranid commission that’s in the works, so expect a ton of pictures this week!



  1. Awesome work, as always!

    I can't wait to kick some ass with them!

  2. I'm glad you like them man! I should have everything finished by Friday evening, barring any horrible days at work!

  3. I completely agree that ice blue works best for plague marines -- its such a great accent colour to offset the green armour tones.