Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Painting: Eagle Warriors Sniper Scouts; Huge IG Bits Lot for Sale!

Hey guys,

So I had some time to get some work done today! While I did work a little on the Land Speeder Storm, its not finished yet. So I figured I’d share what IS finished; the metal Sniper Scouts. Really nice models, I had a blast doing them!


With some more detailed shots…


Next up are the plastic Shotgun scouts, then on to Cassius! I’m hoping to have them done by Sunday at the latest. Don’t worry Monster Rain, I haven’t forgotten you! I just needed a little break from Zerkers and red!

Also, I’ve listed up a ton of old Imperial Guard sprues on eBay! Theres 16 IG Infantry Sprues, 6 Vehicle Sprues, and some various bits from the Hellhound and Baneblade. These bits are fairly difficult to come by if you’re not spending $15 on GW’s site, so jump on and pick up an excellent deal!

Link: HERE



More pictures up tomorrow!


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  1. Looking Good Boss!!!
    I can't wait to get these guys on the Tabletop!!