Sunday, May 8, 2011

Painting: Eagle Warriors Chaplain and Shotgun Scouts

Hey guys,

Hope you all had an excellent Mother’s Day! If you haven’t wished your mom a happy Mother’s Day, drop that mouse and give her a call!

Anyways, less sappy holiday talk, more WARGAMING! I didn’t get that game in that I wanted to on Thursday (figures…), but I’m planning on a painting night with Jimmy diGriz tomorrow, so we should get some work done on his marines, as well as Monster Rain’s Word Bearers! The Plague Marines are sitting on my desk, ready for some paint!

Thanks to some busy days at work, I didn’t get a lot of work done. However, I’m almost finished with Snake Eyes’ Marines. First up, the Shotgun Scouts, led by a Combi-Melta Powerfist Sergeant.




That sergeant reminds me a lot of Brother Yotakka’s Scout Sergeant we did for our BOLScon Team army last year.


Also finished is Chaplain Cass…Darius…yes that’ll do. Its Chaplain Cassius with a little Iconography removed or altered to keep him looking like a total Ultra-smurf. I couldn’t remove all the icons though, so we’ll just say he’s one of Cassius’ Chappy buddies who have some Nid Huntin’ experience.



I still love the fact the model has a Ripper on the base, and the book is made of Tyranid skin. Nice little touches like that really add character to the models.

Finally, its not completely done, but the Land Speeder Storm is almost there. The passengers are completely magnetized and are sitting primed, waiting to get some paint!


My plan is to be finished tonight, so pictures up tomorrow of the entire force! Hopefully Jurassic Park will get me through the rest of the scouts!



  1. The whole crew is looking very good G!!!
    That Flamer tip on Cass.. err.. Darius' Combi-Flamer turned out quite nicely and an excellent touch with that Tyranid Ripper. They were the first army to ever table me and I've hated them ever since. Kudos!!!

  2. I'm glad you like them man! Even the forces of Chaos prove useful on occasion...hope my CSM client doesn't read that :)

  3. Your scouts remind me of mine - but even crazier. Almost like it's camo.

  4. No love for Tyranids, Snake-Eyes! Ahh!
    They do look good Granesh.

  5. :D

    Looking good!

    P.S. You will all bow before the glory of Chaos Undivided!