Monday, February 7, 2011

Painting: Not as Much Time as I’d Like

Hey everyone,
So I’ve been neglecting the blog a little bit lately. I’m at that point in the semester where school starts becoming a hassle, and a lot of my attentions have to be focused into that right now. Like my Art History II exam tomorrow over Renaissance art.
Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, 1485.
At least I don’t feel Like Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel Ceiling right now…
Anyways, I have a couple of things this time.
First off, I regret to announce that there won’t be a Tutorial Tuesday this week. I was hoping to do the Tervigon, had that all planned out, then the kit came with no tail, so that plan went down the crapper. Rather than put out something useless, I’d rather not put anything out at all.
Secondly, and the meat of this post, I want to show you all some of my projects I’ve managed to get done, as well as some preliminaries on commissions. First off, here’s my painting load:
  • 1 Bastion with Comms, Icarus Lascannon, etc.
  • 2 retouch-ups on Bloodthirsters.
  • 12 Fire Warriors with 2 Drones to finish the Tau army.
  • 10 Khorne Berserkers I’ve had for a while
  • 6 Nob Bikers (Waiting on Final Bitz)
  • 8 Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines
  • 5 Termagants
WHEW….Now some of these are commissions, and some of these are personal pieces just for my own amusement. Lets start with the Bastion. This is the prize for my Bastion Terrain Contest that just concluded over at The Independent Characters. Go check the page, Middling Astartes was the winner with his Orks versus the Squirricus Hereticus! He wanted his new Bastion to match his DKoK; Grey and tan, no metallics. Here’s a full shot of the front finished:
And with my Company Commander and the Officer of the Fleet checking things out
I should have this piece finished and shipped by the weekend, hopefully.
Next up is a shot of my new Khorne Berserkers:
I can’t seem to get a darker picture without obscuring things…anyways, It’s a standard red, complimented with NMM Gold/Bronze on the edges, pendants, etc. Quite a bit of work, but should look AMAZING when its all said and done. I’ve had a CSM Battleforce sitting in my room since summer, so I’ve got some work ahead of me.
Also up is the odd-man-out Marine in the Thousand Sons commission I received. He sent 8 Thousand Son Marines and a classic Heavy Bolter Marine, which is almost totally metal. Needless to say, he painted up rather quickly. The pictures mask the silver a bit, but all the trimming and edges are done with Boltgun Metal, washed with Badab Black.
The commissioner wants all the Thousand Sons to be done in regular colors, but with a Green and Silver shoulderpad to tie them into his warband. Fairly easy stuff, I should have that one done by Wednesday.
I also called Games-Workshop on Friday afternoon (awkward call for some reason…) to get that Carnifex kit replaced. I know the piece is missing, but I always feel bad when its one piece that justifies needing an entirely new kit. As soon as that comes in, I’ll start work on my Tervigon. The Gants are sitting on my desk right now, just waiting for some paint. I think I have a scheme for them too! I’m thinking a Grey body tone, a Forest Green Carapace, complimented by Scorpion Green for the eyes, adrenal Glands, and muscle ribbing on the arms.
Finally, I need to finish the 12 Fire Warriors and their Gun Drones, and the Tau army will be completely finished and ready for sale. When they’re all done, I’ll post pictures and a price for those of you interested. I’ll be listing the army on the Dakka Swap Shop before they go up on eBay, so keep an eye open for that.
WHEW AGAIN! Wish me luck on my exam tomorrow, and I promise you all a large conglomeration of painted minis by the end of the week!

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