Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thoughts: Warhammer Forge Models; Granesh Has Chosen an Army!

Hey everyone,
So first off, my laptop cord died on me yesterday. I got a new one ordered last night, and they expedited it to me. Its not here yet, but if its not here by Friday, it'll probably be a slow weekend on the blog. Just a heads up!

Anyways, I wanted to cover some cool models, as well as my next chosen army. First off, if you don't get Forge World's newsletter, WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!? Jump over HERE and subscribe to their newsletter. How do you think we all know about FW's workings so far in advance? Anyways, their first Warhammer Forge Newsletter dropped today, and boy-howdy, is there some sweet stuff there. Now, I'm not a daemons player, though I have thought about the army, but I have to say, I LOVE the Plague Toads.

The one on the left is definitely my favorite, it just has a sentient, pleased look that only the servants of Nurgle can have! These were displayed at the last UK Games Day, and I'm tempted to get a pack to paint up. Now just to come up with 40k rules for them...hmmm...

The Plague Ogres and Plague Trolls, respectively. I really like the Ogres, especially that Plaguebearer-looking Gutplate. I'm not quite as fond with the Trolls, they just don't seem to match up to the new plastic ones released a bit ago. Anyways, a total win on Forge World's part, as usual. Though I don't play Fantasy, these are definitely some kickass models.

I also want to talk about my next planned army. I know I have the poll up, and its not that I don't appreciate all your feedback, but you all are wrong! Just kidding.

Lets break it down:
  • Buzzgob's Orks: While it could be a fun army, I can't seem to write a list I like. Also my friend and main gaming partner has just gotten more into his orks, and as much as I love "4s to hit, 4s to wound", this army is gonna have to wait.
  • Pre-Heresy World Eaters: I know, I've started on it. You all have seen pictures. But I just don't have the stuff to do the army to the level I want to. Living in the apartments on campus means Airbrushing just isn't practical. So I will do the army, just not now.

  • Carcharadons: I still love the idea for the army. My main things is I'm just not feeling a Marine army right now, and I really need to get my friend to start playing with Forge World rules. I could definitely just use a Chapter Master with Lightning Claw/Chain Fist as Tiberos the Red Wake, but that takes all the fun out of it. Do expect a Sternguard Kill Team of them at some point though!
  • Necrons: More of a passing thought than anything. While the temptation of a new Codex is appealing, I'm just not feeling the metal skeletons right now.
This leaves just one army: TYRANIDS. That's right, I said it. TYRANIDS. I've been itching to build a new Tervigon model for myself, and the army just seems to fit my playstyle. Ever since I got into this game, horde armies have been my thing. I've got Mordor Orcs, and I have Imperial Guard. Why not compliment this with Tyranids? For colors, I'm thinking a Khemri Brown base, complimented with a deep Forest Green carapace. I'll throw some idea pictures up soon, but the army will be the true horde. I'm thinking 3 Tervigon, tons of Termagants and Hormagants, Gargoyles, Raveners, Venomthrope, and 2 Tyrannofex. Lots of hordes, aided by some Monstrous Creatures. I'd obviously love to hear your thoughts on the whole thing. All you Bugs players need to come out of the woodwork (see what I did there...).

As I said, as well, my Tau army is up for sale. I'm finishing drones and a Piranha right now, and have pathfinders and another Fire Warrior Team on its way right now. If anyone's interested, please don't hesitate to drop me a line at SmellsLikeWargaming@hotmail dot com.


  1. Meh, a good choice when you put it like that! Im just comming to the end of building and painting my 'Nids and it certainly has been a fun army to build! Dead easy to write a decent list as well!

    Though the hardest part i thought was chosing a colour scheme.....! Do you have any thoughts on that yet?

  2. Yeah, I really like how the Nid book looks, the fluff behind them, and how the list I put together looks. As soon as that blasted AC Adapter comes in for my laptop, I'll post the list up.

    I was thinking on a variation of the Anphelion Project scheme. A Khaki/Tan skintone, complimented with a Forest Green Carapace. Should look really good, and I'll probably do a marsh-style base or a true desert style. Should be interesting, but I'm waiting to sell the Tau before I jump into this!

  3. Edit: I just realized, theGunGrave, that you pulled off a carapace camo pattern I had thought about doing...good show sir!