Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Commission Special and Painting: Skaven Clanrats

Hey everyone,

So I’ve gotten a little bit of work in since my last post on…Friday? Yeah, that sounds right….Anywho, so I’ve gotten almost all 35 Clanrats painted, so I figured I’d throw some pictures of them up and get not only some feedback, but some comments on how they’re coming. The next step is 60 Stormvermin, which I got the bases started for them this afternoon. Anyways, less words, more pictures!


Skaven Command 




For a bunch of really creepy rat people, I think they’re turning out rather nicely, don’t you all think? The next step, as I said, is 60 Stormvermin, which I’m planning to do in 30 model groups. They’ll all be complete with a Stormbanner and Warp Pistols on the leaders, so it’ll all be pretty impressive when its all done. I’m also still working on the Orks, though not as quickly. They’re all based, and I’ll just need to sit down for a couple hours and rattle off some Lootas!

On top of this, I wanted to pimp the Commission Service a little, as well as get a little input on the whole thing. I put up another Commission Special for this month regarding your troops and the little metal boxes that keep them alive just a little longer. Get your transport vehicles painted for a little bit of a savings! Anyways, I’m trying to get a little input on the whole thing. I had one person take advantage of the Walker Special last month, so I’m just wondering if its a good incentive to get your models painted, things like that.

Thanks guys,


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